Using one 01v96 to remote control another, can I do it?

Greetings, I found your forum through Kristian Johnsen’s thread on remote controlling his 01v96 and other midi desks. His requirements are a little different to mine so I though I would ask for help with my situation.

The Church I attend has built a lovely sealed booth around the sound desk - acoustically stupid (I call it) the sound equipment it now encloses is an 01v96 with a Behringer ada8000 to add to the amount of inputs from the band and give me more balanced aux outs.

I have been using Studio Manager with a silex (network usb port) and a laptop, also remoting into the laptop via vnc on an iPad (and even iPhone)

We have another unused 01v96 from a different venue and I was wondering if I could get some long midi cables and connect them to the spare 01v96 so I can sit in the same sound field as the congregation. I basically want to clone the desk so whatever I do on the remote desk is mirrored on the desk in the booth (with the real audio)

can I do it?

Thank you for any help - a bit about me as its my first post, I started young as a musician and slowly built up a (very) non profitable sound company with a friend, I did it for the love and had fun, Using the Yamaha digital desks, Nexo, EAW mains and also did a bit of live recording using the adat expansion card in the 01v96 and a Mackie SDR recording timestamped broadcast .wav files
I also worked in theatre and taught stagecraft in a college. then I met my wife - stepped away from Gigging and PA and took a day job as a media tec in a school, I now film, edit, animate, teach and am also really into photography. Still keeping my hand in live sound at Church and playing the odd gig.