Using Virtual Ports and rtpMIDI with the generic MIDI module

Question about virtual ports. What port number is used when you create a virtual port?

You can name the port whatever you want. Port numbers can change depending on what MIDI devices you have and what order they’re added, but if you use their names then that should always be the same.
Is there a reason you might need the port #?

I’m running a Windows enviroment so I am using RTPMidi to send MIDI via the network. If I set up the connection to use ports defined by RTPMidi then my tests work. But if I setup a virtual port in the module, I cannot see those ports show up in RTPMidi and nothing works - probably because the port numbers are different than the one (5004) I had set up in RTPMidi. Does that make sense?

The “Port” in rtpMIDI is a network port for the network part of the communication. The port # used for local or virtual MIDI devices is something entirely different.
Maybe I’m missing something - why do you need a virtual port connecting to rtpMIDI?

I don’t really, at least not that I can think of at the moment.

This question was more about testing everything in the module and seeing what does and doesn’t work.

Thank you for doing that.
rtpMIDI makes a virtual MIDI port that can connect to other rtpMIDI ports. I can’t think of any need to connect a virtual MIDI port to one. Virtual ports are to allow one app to connect to another ON THE SAME MACHINE. If you want to connect an app to another app that’s on a DIFFERENT machine, create an rtpMIDI port and use that.

Please let me know if you discover any issues.
If you get a chance, please try the Action Recorder to “learn” MIDI commands and let me know if that’s working as expected.