This should fix the “off by 1” bug, and now sorts the actions by name.

Updated 2020-03-16 20:05

Hey Andrew - Wondered if you’ve seen my suggestion in the SlackChat Module-Dev.
Pasted here too…:

Would it not be a lot easier if you simply listed the first part of each action in the initial drop down action list ie. StIn - StInCh - Mtrx - St - DCA - MuteMaster etc etc and then in the corresponding config box for that action, have it populate the next part, so then have a drop down of ie. Fader - ToSt - Out and so on… So depending on the previous selection(s) will depend on what options then become available to select for the ultimate end action and it’s parameters. Is this even possible?

Hi Kirb;

Yes, I changed the way the dropdown works so that instead of ordering by SCP # (which was pretty random based on Yamaha’s numbering) to alphabetical. It’s better, in that all the InCh functions are grouped together, Matrix (Mtx), etc. but it’s still not great.

I get what you’re saying, but Companion doesn’t have that capability to have more than 1 dropdown for action selection.
However, there are a few things that help.

  1. The box above the dropdown allows you to type anything in and have the dropdown filter for that. e.g. if you type in DCA, it will only show the actions that have “DCA” in the title.
  2. Presets have a function where they can be categorized. Once I get the basics working (feedback is still broken) I will add some presets for common buttons and then you can just drag/drop buttons that way.

Better titles would probably work better too, but it’s easy enough to see what the actions are, and these are the way Yamaha names them so it’s at least matching there. I’d like to change the values though so they show up in dB rather than integers like -1000 for -10.0dB and 300 for +3dB, etc. That can be done pretty easily but like I say, baby steps!

Hey Andy,

So I’ve been checking out your latest incarnation - great work.
I was looking at doing exactly this back in August, but you beat me to it - which is great - why re-invent the wheel?

So one of the things I would like to do is to be able to see at a glance what channels have phantom power and HPF enabled on them.
I’m guessing you’ll need the Rio SCP list too, which I have if you need it. I got all this info from Yamaha back when I started looking at doing my own plugin.

As a side note - I noticed that there’s an “Undefined” field in some of the commands.
Specifically I’ve noticed: CueMode, Cue/ActiveCue and Cue/OutputLevel.

Thank you, Kirb!

There’s a lot of limitations to the SCP command set on the Yamaha. No phantom, hpf (or any eq settings) are available via the SCP commands.

I’m considering adding some functionality in the future via MIDI commands, especially the one that everyone wants - UDK triggering.

Thanks for the note about the undefined labels. I’ll look into that!

The labels need to be gone over one by one, there’s quite a few that aren’t correct.

Also like to fix the values so they are proper dB numbers too.

One step at a time, though!

Hi Kirb;

Have you tried the latest build here (sticky at the top)? The names should be better. Some new features too.

I misunderstood your request for phantom/HPF feedback - the SCP commands for the consoles don’t have that, but as you said, the RIOs do. That could be a little complicated for the following reasons:

  • RIOs don’t have dedicated control ports. I’d have to find out the RIO’s IP address, which, unless it’s been set to a known, fixed IP, could change every time it boots. I know there are ways to find it’s IP, but I have not found them to be particularly reliable.
  • The IO #'s on the RIO may not match 1-1 with the channels on the console, so some work might have to be done to translate the port -> DANTE -> Console channel mapping, if that’s even possible in SCP.
  • Most people don’t use the HPF on the RIO, but use the channel HPF. Do you use the RIO HPFs? Even if you do, you can imagine how confusing that could be for another user who doesn’t know about the difference.

My feeling is that this would be much easier via the Yamaha MIDI module I’m planning. Thoughts?

Yeah - Fair point on this, probably is easier with the MIDI module.
And no - I’ve never used the HPFs in the RIO - because I’ve always used a RIO in conjunction with a desk.
Although I have on several occasions used R-Remote to confirm connectivity and to trouble shoot other issues pre-show (where I have needed to use the HA Gain, Phantom and HPF on the RIO alone), but not during a live show.

I presume the MIDI module you’re planning, is a companion module - so it can be used in conjunction with the SCP module to expand functionality.

Yes. It will be complementary to the SCP module for the functions that SCP doesn’t have.

Have you tried the latest build here (the top sticky on this forum)?

Yes - I’ve downloaded it - but have no way of actually physically testing it on a desk atm - Stuck indoors with the rest of the world!
If was allowed out of the house in the UK, for anything other than Key/Essential work - I’d go and grab a desk from the warehouse to play with over the next couple of months…!

I’m feelin ya. My 3-month tour lasted 3 days. Gutted.