What am I doing wrong?

Hi all!
Just to check the software, at least until I get a CL or QL console, I’m testing it with the editor.
I don’t know if it’s a bug, but when I tick a check box in companion it will not show the result but will behave as expected, i.e.: if I tick the latch/toggle check box it will not show but the title (and the behaviour) will.
Another thing that annoys me is when I record a macro i.e. to put +48v on or HPF on, it works as long as I don’t edit it. I push a button in SD to record a macro then push +48v button in a random channel push again SD; if I push off in the CL editor and push SD button it works but if I edit the channel from the channel given to selected channel it won’t work again.
Am I doing something wrong?

When using the Editor with the MIDI module, feedback does not work as expected, and some functions require feedback, like toggles and names.
Using the Editor with the module is good for creating actions and macros, but operation will be a bit funky if feedback is used.
It’s due to the differences between the editor and console.
That being said, I haven’t tested much with the Editor lately, so some bugs COULD have creeped in.
Other than feedback, have you found anything “not working”?

I think I’m not clear as it is not the feedback. If I record a macro moving faders and muting/unmuting channels it works fine, but I can’t get any success recording a macro to put HPF on or +48v on on a selected channel.

Oh! That’s something new.
What version of the Editor are you running?

Ok, just tested this.

Anything set to “Toggle” will not work properly with the Editor.
As I say, use the Editor to create layouts, but test them with the console.
I guess I should detail this better in the help.MD file.

Ok. Thank you for your answer. I’ll test ASAP.