What tutorials are needed?

I plan to do one on how to make an “autoupdate” setup, but I’d like to hear from testers that want to do something specific and would like some instruction.
Don’t forget that I’m willing (time permitting) to do a Teamviewer session with anyone to help one-on-one.

The autoupdate tutorial is pretty clear to me.
I do wonder how it is saved though. As it is updated every time, do the latest versions of the EQ get saved when you save at the end of a show?

Hi Micky;

Thanks for the note.
Do you mean saved on the console or saved in YammieQ?

Saved in the YammieQ.

As the updated parameters for the different scenes will only be present in the YammieQ data (since most functions will be on ‘safe’ in the console), but won’t be the same as the original data when the YammieQ Cues were created.

If you save the YammieQ .ysw file, the final eq is saved. YammieQ will prompt you to save if you try to close before saving.