Where to buy CPS cable

Hello Im a novelist and a few my friend and I have the 650s

I would like to know if were to get the Motorola DTR Series CPS Cable with a TRENDnet TU-S9 USB to Serial Converter on my Windows 10 pc would I be able to program these radios? As the name and add in private chances? Please feel free to tell me what I could do and the proper method to do so. Thanks in advance.

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The CPS cable is easy to find. Any USB to RS-232 adapter should work, but I recommend one that uses Prolific or SiLabs chips as they have decent drivers and are natively supported by Win10.

CPS cable:
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Buy 2-way Radios

You can find them on ebay for 27 dollars from a vendor called zoro. I ordered from them. The cheapest so far.


Is this the place?

Thats the company. They have an ebay store where I bought it.