where to buy rubber flaps over the microphone & speaker jacks?

Hi, I got some DTR 650 lately. What they are different from my existing 550 and 410 is that there is no rubber flap covering microphone & speaker ports on the right side of the radio (just below the antenna, used for hooking up external speaker/mic). My question is if OEM 650 is supposed to have it? and where to buy spares? thanks.

They all had them.

You should probably look around more on this site

That led me to this.

Thanks. I have no where to find an image of Motorola 3215077H01. But if you are sure it is the rubber flap that cover 2 audio ports on the right side of the DTR 650, I will place the order regardless.

I’ve no idea, but it sure sounds correct.

I would give RadioParts or Motorola a call and ask them.

instead of wasting time on customer service, i just placed an order last night and it is on the way here today. radioparts provides free shipping. once it is verified the right type, i will order more to fix rest of my radios. i will get couple of butt seal as well. but radioparts charges $5 shipping for a $2.75 seal. i found that radio parts sells DTR650 at $233, which is great price considering used one can get $100 easily.

Report back. I have purchased 3215077H01. It fits DTR quite well, except its bottom insertion part is wider and thicker than the hole. There is two ways to fit it into. (1) open the radio, and pull it in from inside. (2) cut the rubber tap thinner and narrower. Initially I tried (1). but after open 4 screws in the battery compartment, I still can not open the radio. Then I tried (2) and it worked. I really hate to do (2). any good way to do it?

Glad to hear the flaps are the right part.

As ever, the answers you are looking for are already here.


Talked with RadioParts.com to verify the parts Number for audio jack seal. It talked with Motorola and confirmed 3215077H01 is the correct part number. However, I pulled one seal out of a phone and compared to Motorola 3215077H01, 3215077H01 tab is thicker and wider than the OEM one on the radio. So, yes, I do have to cut it to make it narrower and thinner. I placed order for another 5. They are out of stock and RadioParts told me they can get them in a week.