Which Devices For Caravanning Communications? (Nextel Direct Talk Or FRS/GMRS)

As posted above, I am wondering what devices people here would choose for simplex communications for vehicle to vehicle caravanning communications. Some family members of mine will be travelling across the country in two vehicles. I have some old Nextels (two i315s, one i580 and two i670s). They are all capable of Direct Talk. I have some 12 volt cords and house chargers, as well. I am inclined to go with these because they should be dead simple for them. Press the PTT (Push To Talk) switch when you want to talk and release when you are done. They get one tone if it goes through and a different sound if they can’t connect. I would suggest that they charge them when they are in the vehicle driving and disconnect when they are parked.

One family member said that she has some walkie-talkies. What I don’t know is if they are FRS or GMRS. Obviously, I can find out. I strongly suspect that they are the typical “bubble pack” radios commonly available at many retailers. They are likely to be analog and, hopefully, they have some PL or DPL settings, as well.

Anyway, for those that have used portable devices for simplex while caravanning in vehicles, what did you use and how well did it work out? I suspect that there is the possibility of potential interference with FRS/GMRS frequencies, but it shouldn’t be a huge concern on a cross-country trip. As far as range goes, I am hoping that Direct Talk would be solid, vehicle to vehicle, for half a mile.

Anyway, lets hear it. What would you go with and why?

I would just go with whatever I have.
Personally, I’m annoyed by the latency of digital systems (like the Nextels and DTRs) where you have to PTT, wait, then talk. I guess I (and most people I know) are too ADD to wait and their first words get cut off.
I sold off all my DTRs a while back because people would rather get angry than learn how to use them. Can’t push a rope, so I’ve gone all analog now.