Which Tablet Notebook you would recommend?

Hi everyone,

I don`t know a lot of about tablet PC, but i would like to use with mine yamah ls9 on monitors. Maybe you have some recomenndations? Maybe Lenovo x200 ? :eusa_think:

The Lenovo X61 tablet I had was a great tablet. Unfortunately, it was stolen over the holidays, so I’m looking really hard at the X200 machines. The webpage with the X200s says something about an optional multi-youch screen, which I REALLY woudl love to have. But that screen doesn’t show up in the “customize your machine” section. So tomorrow, I inteend to call Lenovo and ask them if this screen is available. How cool would that be!

More later, Geri O

H Geri,

What I’m wondering is if the four-finger multi-touch screens AND Yamaha software would support grabbing a couple faders and pulling them down a bit, and at the same time grabbing a couple faders and pushing them up!

Bummer about the X61…

I have an X41 tablet and it does pretty well, as long as I close extra programs I don’t need.

Good health, Weogo

I’ve got a Fujitsu tablet and I love it!

Hi, now I have Toshiba Prtege M205, i like it very much, i didnt worked with other tablets, but what feuters i like, it is that it can be touched only with pen, so i can put my hand on the screen ant to write anything without problems (maybe other tablets also has this feuture, i dont like touchscreen style it is weird, how you will do EQ with touchscreen?) and 1400X1050 resolution, it`s awesome, becouse on 1024x768 is very difficult to work… resolution is to small for Yamaha LS9 studio manager software


Sorry for the lengthy delay in responding on this. I wound up getting the X200, although I was disappointed to learn that at the time I bought mine, the “Enhanced Multi-Touch” screen would be a 5-to-6 month wait, which was not feasible for me (note the difference in the regualr “Multi-Touch” which is only Lenovo’s trademark name for their regular touchscreen as opposed to the “Enhanced Multi-Touch” which is the 4-fingered screen). So I wound up with a regular touchscreen X200. And I absolutely love it. Very responsive screen! I do wish I could have gotten the Enhanced version, but maybe next time, in a few years, LOL.

I just finished a rodeo where we had multiple zones of speakers driven from matrixes (matrices?) of our M7CL. Since I had remote control of the M7cl (via Remote Desktop from the host notebook) and all of the system processing, it was very quick work to walk around with the various band engineers setting levels and EQs of the zones. I actually mixed my part of the rodeo remotely with the X200 so I could sit in the stands with my girlfriend and grandkids on a couple of nights!

I wish I had time to write more about the rode we just finished because after 4 years of using a remote notebook to control processing and a few little mixing duties, this event was really the first time (for me, anyway) that my remote tablet was an integral part of the system from start to finish of the night and the entire event as opposed to being just a step-saving convenience while tuning a PA. However, I have an early church service this morning that I’m about to be late for!

I heartily recommend the X200 with Windows 7.

Geri O

I use a Motion Computing LE1600, bought second hand for $400. So far, it’s perfect for Studio Manager and SmaartLive. I even use the ‘sticky notes’ for making input lists.

I also have a Motion LE 1600, it’s a great little machine, with the extra batterypack i have about 5 hrs of batterytime… i can easily do without a multitouch screen, i find it better to use the pen and have the possibillity to put my hand on the screen without messing up my setup…

I have a Fujitsu T5010 with Vista, and it works great with Studio Manager. I use the pen, and I think my finger would be too fat for my screen size.

I have the Asus R1E Tablet with a 13.3" screen. It has been very good for use with the Ls9. One thing though, you must disable “right click by holding down pen”. It would interfer with moving faders and stuff as it would keep doing the right mouse click function.

Great to hear about your succcess with the Motion. I have been thinking this would be a great setup. Just gotta find one nice and cheap now.

I use to own a ViewSonic Tablet PC. Got it very cheap via ebay and I am totally happy with this little helper. I am using it to remote my Presonus Studiolive via Remote Desktop for Soundcheck and Monitoring when working for other bands as the FOH Tech. Now I am planning to make the monitor setup for my band. Hope it’ll work with the sends on fader option in Yamaha Stusio Manager.

I am very glad I’ve found you.


I’m beginning to work on control via iPad. Wish me luck… :slight_smile:

We use the Motion LE 1600, and sometimes find ourselves annoyed by the menu that pops up when hovering. Hadn’t really thought to follow the simple step of digging into the settings. Thanks!

I’m using an HP Campaq TC4200 which does the job ok.



Hi all

I just acquired a used HP TC4400 for 350€ (approx 450 $) and it is superb for SM.
I really like that it is pen-controlled because then I can rest my hand on the screen without pressing a lot of buttons by mistake.

Don’t lose the pen though, quite expensive to replace :-/


I use a HP TC4200