Why two DTR650 can not talk in private?

Hi, I have two DTR 650. If I let one talk to another on public channel first, they can talk in private by select “Prvt” button. Then I manually add each other’s ID into private contact with the same channel number with “Group Only” set to “No”. But they do not talk to each other if I select other one from contact list. Anything I did wrong? Thanks.

What error do you see on the display when you select the other radio and press the PTT?

Hi, Andy, I got “User not available”

Have a read through my blog entry “How Private Groups work on DTR Radios” which may help.

Use the OTA (Over the Air) method of adding contacts to be sure that they are added correctly.

Any guide to ota progaraming?

Have a look at the DTR Product Training guide.