Yamaha 01v96i

Hello everybody!!

I’m Yamaha LS9 and 01V96 user. I work with them usually and I can work whit them with SOF and make them wifi.
To work wireless with the 01v96 I use a D-link DIR300 router and a TP-Link TL-PS310u. Last week, in the place where I work, they have buy a yamaha 01v96i.

The problem is that when i try to conect wireles the 01v96i an error message apears on my laptop “insufficient bandwidth”. Does anybody use yamaha 01v96i wifi? Does the SOF works with 01v96i?


Does everything work properly when connected with a network cable? If so, then the problem is with your wireless router.

Hi Andy!
Thanks for your answer. I have try with a metwork cable and everythink goes Ok.
I have been thinking about maybe the problem is that the computer thinks that I want to use the desk like a audio interface to record 16 tracks invididualy, soo, it says that I have not enougth bandwich.
Do you know with router can I use? Does anybody conect wifi 01v96i?



I don’t know - I’ve never used an 01V96i and I typically don’t connect via WiFi. Hopefully someone else can answer that question…

Hello everybody!
I have a question for Yamaha 01v96 users…has anybody try to control by an iPad via wifi? What software do you use?
Thanks a lot!!


Hello Imanol…
Install TouchOSC on your iPad and Streokrauts on laptop … It´s work very well !!!
You also have to use yamaha USB/midi driver!! :icon_wink:


Thanks Jimiric, I will try it!!