Yamaha CL as DAW control surface?

Our church is planning to purchase a CL5 console for use as a broadcast (live to tape) mixer while also multitrack recording via Dante for remix later as the situation requires.

We would like to be able to use the CL5 surface as a CS for a DAW as a cost and space saving idea. Yamaha has indicated that this will be possible via MIDI, but they said the amount of control available will be highly dependent on the DAW we decide to use, relating to the amount of MIDI control channels available.

We will probably use Reaper or Nuendo/Cubase, depending on integration or workflow.

I want to be able to use the faders for up to 64 tracks, and the EQ controls for control of EQ plugins, and a couple UDKs for transport and automation changes if possible. If the scribble strips were able to “see” the names of the appropriate tracks, that would be excellent.

I’ve worked with the 5d, M7, LS9, and 01v96 but I have no experience with trying to use MIDI. So I am wondering if I will be able to accomplish my goal or if I should just recommend a dedicated CS. I really don’t even know what is possible with the above arrangement.

Thanks in advance for any help! I’m using an iPhone to type this, please excuse any mistakes!

Hi Michael and welcome!

The Yamaha DM2000 had “Remote Layers” that integrated DAW control into the surface. Much of the functionality that you are looking for was possible with that console.
The PM5D does not have any Remote Layers, but can do rudimentary DAW control but only via the faders and channel on/off buttons.
I don’t see anything in the CL5 manual that discusses it having any Remote Layers or being able to directly control and interface with DAWs.
Now, as always with Yamaha, most anything is possible, if you can figure out how to do it. If you are able to find a DAW that responds to the MIDI messages that the CL5 already produces, by modifying the MIDI remote commands in the DAW software, you could get some control. Having the console indicate the DAW settings would be a harder exercise, but maybe it could be done.

Basically, I don’t see that the functionality is “built-in” to the CL5 console, but with some concerted effort, there might be a way to make it workable.
It’s the kind of work that was done here.

Andy, thanks for the welcome!
I read through all the pages you linked to and I was fascinated but I must admit, I didn’t understand the details of what was happening. In fact, it gave me a dangerous idea to get rid of “aviom” here! I’m a MIDI noob for the most part. The only thing I’ve ever done with MIDI is to trigger a sound effect with the hit of a piezo. We do have an 01v96 that we could use, but it seems like it could get kludgy pretty easily!

I will do my best to get something working when we receive shipment of the CL5. I have a license of Cockos Reaper and it appears that I will be able to map MIDI control to most any function I want fairly easily. Thanks much for your quick reply!


MIDI is fairly simple, but to get adept at it requires working with it a bit. The Yamaha manuals are well-written and will be a big help in figuring out what messages need to be sent back and forth.
I haven’t delved into Reaper’s MIDI functions, but I have a bit on CuBase and I’m sure Reaper will have the same versatility when it comes to assigning MIDI messages to functions.

If you are up for the challenge and want to learn more about MIDI and how to use it, I recommend starting here.

If you have any specific questions, please post back. I’m not going to teach you all about MIDI (I just don’t have the time and there’s better tutorials out there) but I can help you if/when you get stuck.