Yamaha CL Companion Setup


I’m just starting out with all this, using Companion 2.1 with a Yamaha CL3 console. I’ve created an instance for yamaha-scp, it’s status is OK. If I remove the network cable from the console, the status says ERROR. So at least I’m pretty sure I’m connected properly!

I created a button with the command DcaCh/Fader/On, 0 delay, DcaCh 1. Key down turns it on, Key Up turns it off (since the On checkbox is unchecked). When I press the button or the Test Actions button, the console doesn’t respond. On the console, I’m looking at the DCA1-8 Section, and have DCA1 off.

It has to be something simple I’m sure.



The logs are your friend. What does the debug log show?
If it doesn’t answer the question, then please Copy/Paste the debug log and export your config, zip it up and post it here and I’ll take a look.

You’re using the SCP module, correct?
If so, there’s no command with that name, unless you copied it wrong here. No problem if you did, but if not then that’s very weird.
It’s DCA/Fader/On and the DCA # is called “DCA” not “DcaCh”

I just verified it works fine with my QL1, so it should work fine on your CL.
Do NO commands work at all, or is it just the DCA mutes that you’re having trouble with?

I was using Companion 2.1, Yamaha SCP module, but when I looked at the log, that said it was an unknown command. Of course the command I started with was one that didn’t work! I used one that toggles Matrix sends on and off and it worked right away. I downloaded your version of Companion and it works great!

Thanks for your quick reply and following up!

You must have been using Companion 1.4.

  1. The text of the function you listed was different.
  2. That function has always worked in my SCP module, which started with companion version 2.0.
  3. The log from my module would have detailed information, it wouldn’t just show “unknown command”

I guess you didn’t do any screenshots of the problem before you upgraded?

Sadly I didn’t get any screenshots.

One thing I’ve noticed is I’ve deleted the page up/page number/page down buttons and replaced them with other functions, but those buttons still work as page up/number/down buttons (even when I completely delete the buttons)

I was thinking I probably should post that elsewhere, please let me know if there’s a better place to post that.


That’s a companion thing, nothing to do with the module.
I thought though that there was a setting to “remove page up/down buttons” somewhere in the GUI…

I was thinking I probably should post that elsewhere, please let me know if there’s a better place to post that.

I would recommend the companion Slack group for that kind of stuff.

Here is definitely the right place for anything to do with the modules I’ve created.