Yamaha MIDI Module Feedback and other issues

Hi Andy, Have tested 1.1.3 and feedback is working now :slight_smile:

Only odd thing that happens is when I turn the system on each day all of the buttons go red and I have to toggle through them to get them to display correctly even though the desk state hasn’t changed. Not a problem by any means, presume it is because it’s not polling the desk until I have presseed the button to update the state.

Thanks again, Peter

Thank you for letting me know, Peter. 1 step forward, 1 step back it seems.
The module is supposed to poll the console when it connects, so I’m not sure why it’s showing all buttons red as you say.

Have a look at the debug log when you connect - you should see a number of “Req” commands being sent to the console, and corresponding “Recv” messages coming back. Maybe send me a screenshot or copy/paste of the log if you can?

I wish I had a CL/QL to allow me to test the feedback properly!

If you get a chance to send me those logs, I would appreciate it. I wouldn’t mind fixing this new bug!

I have a QL here with me at the moment so did some tests RE: the above

I did four tests.

Test one
Companion connected live to the desk
Create 9 buttons,
Row 1 - Sel.Ch1, Sel.Ch2, Sel.Ch3
Row 2- Ch.1 + 48V, Ch.2 +48V, Ch3. +48V
Row 3 - Record Macro 1, 2, 3
Row 1 and 2 i made myself manually, row 3 i recorded the midi command for turning the insert on and off on channel 1,2 and 3.

With buttons on row 1 and row 2 i saw no feedback at all, in either direction, the log showed messages in both directions.
With this test the macro buttons allowed me to record the action, however when trying to execute the actions nothing happened, the action did not execute.

Test Two
Companion connected to the editor and using internal loopback IP etc etc
Created 9 buttons in exactly the same way as test 1, this time using the editor for the macro capture.

Buttons on rows 1 and 2 worked as expected, however no feedback in either direction, i think you mentioned the Editor wont provide feedback so this was expected.
With this test the macro buttons allowed me to record the action, however when trying to execute the actions nothing happened, the action did not execute.

Test Three
Close companion completely, reopen companion, set NIC as my hardwired connection to the QL1, in instances change the IP to the desk IP and deselect ‘Use Editor’
Connect to the desk
In this test buttons on rows 1 and two executed as expected, feedback was correct (when turning phantom on on each channel my SD responded as expected), however when performing the same action on the console the SD did not respond, the log showed received messages however the SD did not change it’s status accordingly.
With this test the recorded macros still did not execute their function.

Test Four
Using the SD i set the phantom for ch1/2/3 to be OFF
I then took companion offline
I then turned phantom ON phantom on Ch1 and 3, and left Ch.2 as off
I then reconnected Companion to the desk.
Companion polled the desk and returned feedback information, however it was inverted.

So in this example SD showed that Phantom for 1&3 were OFF, but phantom for 2 was ON, this was the opposite of the actual state of the desk.
I then toggled through each button, i had to toggle through each button until the status of each button matched the real world desk state, which took a few toggles due to the latch/key up/key down/feedback state of each button.

Thanks so much. Rob! So hard to troubleshoot feedback without a console!

Sounds like plenty of issues here, can you post the an exported config so I can test here?

Tested myself, and most things seem to work as they should.

Be interested to see your config. (just .zip (compress) the file to upload)

Hey Rob;

Did you have a chance to test this any further?