Yamaha QL/CL series cumulative Latency

i’m fairly new to the forum.

I’m surprised to see that nobody here mentions a series of youtube videos from Dave Rat.
cumulative Latency
In this video he compares different aspects of a CL1 and a Behringer X32.

There seems to be cumulative routing latency in the CL1! - Thought?

PS: I can highly recommend the whole series where he compares different Consoles. I learned a ton!


Hi Leo,
I like Dave‘s vids. In fact I get more combfiltering-trouble by routing singnals parallel thru groups and the Mix-bus on CL or QL than on x32/m32.
Parallel-compressing is one of the advantages that comes just out of the box and works just fine on an x32/m32.
That is not as easy to do on the Yamaha.

Rock on!