Yamaha RCP Channel Level Variable

Is there a way to get the level of a channel to display as the text of a button? I specifically would like to see the level of a channel in a specific aux.

Welcome, @landinhull!

It’s very easy with the latest build from here.

The steps are:

  1. Create a custom variable to hold the mix send level
  2. Create a feedback for the button using the @(internal:custom_) format to set the value. No other feedback parameters are needed (button colors, etc.) Click the $ beside any value that uses a numeric spinner to change it to # which allows you to type the text.
  3. Add the variable into the button text using the $(internal:custom_) format to show the value.

See here for what the button and variable settings look like.


This looks great! I am struggling being able to type text into the feedback level. I don’t have the option button between $ and #. Is there something I need to do to get that button to show up? I am on version 2.4.0 on MacOS.


Download the build from here.

I was able to test this out on sunday and everything worked out great. Thanks so much for helping me out on this!

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