Yamaha RCP Dynamic Name Issue

Hi Andy,

I finally updated our custom companion module to the newest build. When I updated, the RCP module stopped updating names. Based on some things I read while searching the forums, it seems like maybe something changed and I need to do something different but I can’t find anything specific. All of the buttons that were using the dynamic naming feature on the RCP module either changed to blank or something like Macro1. I have not been able to play with it too terribly much but figured you may be able to direct me to what I am doing wrong rather than me fiddling for an hour only to not find the solution. Thanks for any help and I hope that made sense. Let me know if you need more context or anything else to help it make more sense.

Thanks for dropping in, @iamderkis!

The dynamic names function wasn’t necessary any more since I added the abilty to set custom variables from feedback.
Sorry that they don’t auto-update from the old way, but it should be easy enough to change over, and the new system is WAY more flexible.
See here for details, and write back if you have questions or need help updating your config.

Oh great! Thank you for this!

Also, Is there a Raspberry Pi build for this version?

My RPI4 died, and since I’ve moved on to better SBC’s and you can’t get RPIs anyway (even if they were good), I can’t create an RPI image.

RPIs were a good idea a few years ago when they were cheap and plentiful, but not so much anymore. (I have several other RPI3’s doing things around the house)

You make a great point. Thank you for your help!

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