Yamaha-RCP Module with DM7 Editor only


I’m trying to get the RCP module to talk to a standalone instance of DM7 Editor so I can do some learning and hopefully configure a few basic utility buttons ahead of meeting a physical desk at pre-production in a few weeks time.

I believe I am running the latest beta of Companion (3.4.0) and also the module (3.5.0), but whenever I launch Companion (with the DM7 Editor already running) the module returns a connection error.

I assume it’s simply a case of pointing it at a different IP address so that it ‘sees’ DM7 Editor? I just cannot for the life of me work out what that is as the ‘Setup>Network’ panel is blanked out in the DM7 Editor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The RCP module only works when connected to the console.

Aah! That would explain my difficulty then! I thought I’d seen some instances of it talking to an editor software only (with no desk connected) in one of your videos.

Thanks for clarifying and for such a swift response. And also for putting this whole thing together in the first place. When I eventually get in front of a surface I’m excited to dive deep :slight_smile:

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That is the CLQL module. It can talk to the Editor, but only the CL or QL editor, unfortunately!

Copy that! Thanks!

We are moving a tour over from DiGiCo to Yamaha for various reasons. Generally very happy about this, but the one sticking point is losing all of my beloved SD series macros. The budget won’t quite stretch to Rivage, so discovering your modules has been a game-changer.

Will sandbox in CL land for “proof of concept” in that case and if nothing else save myself a few mistakes learning the ropes on the fly in DM7 territory while the clock is ticking.

Appreciate the support here. I dare say I’ll be back in the coming weeks as I stumble over the nuances… :smile:

Cool. Be sure to try my macro buttons or at least the action recorder to allow you to create macros “on the fly”. So much faster than entering the actions manually.

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