Yamaha SCP to RCP issue

@Andy . Sorry this is not a pretty way to do this but I’m new here so couldn’t reply in that thread a fourth time. I’m getting an unsupported file type with the config upload and then a “new users can’t upload attachments”.

Let me know a better way to get this to you.

Thank you!


@Andy . Still won’t let me reply in other thread and says I’m not allowed to upload attachments. Try this GoogleDrive link.



I’m sorry about that. I’ll have to look into the board settings.

Thank you for bearing with me. I’ll take a look at the file you sent when I get a chance.

I can reproduce the problem, I just have to figure out how to fix it. It’s a companion issue so I need to figure out a workaround.

@Andy . Any news on this? Thanks for all the work you devs do! This module is invaluable. Just anxious to upgrade my main Companion Instance. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Sorry! It seems to be a problem with the core of companion.
If the database has an SCP instance, it should update properly, but an exported config won’t.
It’s frustrating for sure.
ATM it seems like the only solution is to recreate the SCP/RCP commands manually.