Yamaha TF Cue/Monitor

Hi everyone. I need to use my streamdeck with a Yamaha TF5. I see the function of sending one or more channels to the cue channel exists on the QL/CL but not on the TF. Is that a limitation of the rcp plugin (and hopefully the midi one would work) or the TF mixer?
Thank you


The best way to find out what commands the TF supports is to open up the log page in companion’s gui, select the debug filter (so it shows the messages to/from the console) and then do something on the console and see if you get a message in the log. Try it with moving a fader to see what I mean.
If you see a message in the log, it means that parameter can be controlled. If you don’t see anything, then unfortunately Yamaha has not implemented that function in the RCP protocol.

Give it a try and let me know what you find!

Hi, sorry about the new account but it’s always me. I created a new account because I can’t log in with the old one.
Talking about the TF, I don’t have it already but it should be arriving (apparently was hard to get like the QL1) soon. The other day I was looking through the functions and didn’t see the Monitor/pfl/cue function in the tf series. Maybe someone has one to test? Thanks!

Sent you a PM regarding your accounts.

Coming back after quite a while to confirm that it’s not possible to do that. Hitting any CUE button on the TF does not trigger anything in the log on companion. How does the TF editor control the mixer? Cue buttons of course work through it. Is it using its own protocol?

Yes, the RCP protocol is only used with the actual console hardware. The Editor uses a different protocol.