YammieQ Instructions (OSX)

Basic instructions on how to get YammieQ up and running on a Mac. This is not a replacement for watching the tutorials!

[li]You’ll need a Mac running OSX. Not sure what the minimum version is, but I’ve tried it on Mavericks and El Capitan. [/li]nr[li]You’ll need Studio Manager Host and the Editor for the mixer you’ll be using if you plan to do any offline editing. [/li]nr[li]Download and install the MIDI driver for your console or Network driver for LS9/M7CL, hook up your computer to your console and check that your Editor can control the console. [/li]nr[li]Create 2 Virtual MIDI ports with the built-in IAC MIDI driver called IAC Bus 1 and IAC Bus 2 [/li]nr[li]Download the latest YammieQ.app. Other than unzipping it, it should not need any installation, you can just drop it on your desktop or in your Applications folder. [/li]nr[li]Watch the Setup Tutorial. Run YammieQ and watch the tutorial again and follow it along while testing YammieQ. [/li]nr[li]You may see an error the first time you run the program, where it can’t find Settings.xml. This is normal, it will create this file the first time you run the program. [/li][/ol]

Please reply in this thread if any of these instructions are unclear or if I’ve missed any steps.

Setting up the IAC MIDI driver in OSX