YammieQ on OSX

Believe it or not, YammieQ, a Windows App, seems to work on OSX (even with El Capitan) through the brilliance of Wine. The dialogs are hella ugly, but all the functionality I’ve tested so far seems to work.

Have a look here - sorry about me stumbling over my words, I’m guess I’m just too excited about having this Windows app work on OSX!


Well, as a diehard Mac user and non computer nerd, implementing wine scares the bejeebers out of me. Lots of command line stuff. eek.

But, i’m currently running YammieQ with Parallels and Windows 8.1 and it’s working perfectly with CL editor. I’ll be hooking it up to my CL in a few days and i’ll give you a full update on how well it works. The real question i want to answer if if i will be able to do other Mac OSX tasks while simultaneously having this brilliant little piece of software running in the background and turning my CL into some sort of Crazy Ninja Console.

I’lll keep you posted.


Please do let us know. I feel like there shouldn’t be an issue, except perhaps when it comes to sharing hardware. e.g. if you’re connecting to the console via LAN, I’m not sure that OSX and Windows will cleanly share that connection, it may have to be one or the other. Just guessing, though.
I’ve been amazed at how well VMWare works with hardware on my Windows machine, where I have 4 different versions of Windows running, all accessing hardware. I’m sure Parallels would be just as adept.

I stuck this comment in the other thread, but i’ll post it here. YammieQ works great on Parallels with a Mac. I was also able to use the local Mac Ethernet port as the Midi control for a CL console while simultaneously using a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter as a Dante interface for Mac OSX programs. Presumably that port would have also worked for any other program that was originating from OSX. This is good news for the Mac crowd as we can use our Macs to trigger sound effects or multitrack record or whatever while also using the YammieQ functionality in the background.

How much does Parallels cost, Brian?

it’s 80 bucks for the home/student version. i suppose if you were using it for business you should pay the 100 bucks for the professional version, but the functionality is the same.

i’m running on the trial right now. Trying to decide if i should just buy a windows machine or go the parallels route. Parallels certainly works just fine. But i don’t have an activated copy of windows either so by the time i get totally legal i’m spending what it would cost for a simple new Windows machine…

In addition I’m having good luck running YammieQ in Windows10 on a Mac via the free version of Oracle’s VirtualBox https://www.virtualbox.org I’ve had it working with an 01V96 connected via USB.

In the past I have run ETC’s Cobalt Nomad lighting software via ArtNET on one network adapter whilst running Dante Virtual Soudcard on Mac for QLab on another, and used rtpMIDI to route midi between Mac and Windows, which all worked better than I’d ever have expected!