DiGiCo series "T" (Theater) functions

If you’re not familiar, the “T” stands for Theater, and what it does is allows you to create “Aliases” whereby you can have channel settings that are like libraries that get recalled scene by scene. As in the example below, you can have a channel EQ setting for the actor “Bob”, and then another one for “Bob with Hat”. You choose which Alias for various scenes, and as you change scenes the EQ changes as well. What’s interesting is if you have the DiGiCo set to “Auto Update”, the channel EQ gets saved to the Alias so when you recall the next scene that has that Alias, the eq goes back to what you set it to last time you had that Alias. The 2nd part of the Alias system allows you to have different channel settings for different actors. If a sub comes in and needs a different eq or compressor settings from the principal, you can use the Alias system for that as well. Just change the Alias for that channel and the new settings will recall on each Scene change, without affecting the other Aliases.


What’s interesting to me is that using YammieQ, the potential for doing something like the Alias function could be even more powerful than the DiGiCo implementation because of the way partial groups of parameters are handled.
Anyway, I’m updating YammieQ with a couple of new features to allow it to do a similar function to the T software’s Alias function, and I expect it will be ready soon. As always, I need people to test this and see if it works in a way that makes sense. Hopefully I can elicit help from others who have used the T software as well as the Yamaha.

I was thinking about the Digico T extensions while you were walking me through the software last week. I’m sure you are aware that the guy who wrote the Digico T extensions, Andrew Bruce, also wrote the Cadac automation software.

One of the biggest features that the Yamaha scene management software is missing is an easy and elegant way to swap out either spare channels for a mic or an understudy.

I didn’t know that. So he has some cred, you’re saying… :wink:

One of the biggest features that the Yamaha scene management software is missing is an easy and elegant way to swap out either spare channels for a mic or an understudy.

You can already do that with YammieQ. Figure out a trigger and just record the steps needed to do the swap.

Here’s my initial attempt. (As a soundman, I’m pretty embarrassed about the audio quality, but hopefully that can be ignored for now!)


Hello Andy This program looks awesome. I work with the SD7T alot and this might make the CL5 or any other Yamaha Desk worth using if the budget is not there for a Digico. Thanks for your hard work on this Jason

Thanks, Jason!

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Hello Andy,

I would like to find a way for YammieQ to assign understudies to principal roles as a pre-show setup. A bit like the layout indicated in the Digico T-series video above at 4:30.
They call it a “players” assignment. Do you have a recommended approach to build a show in this fashion?

Have a great day!

Would it be a recall of static settings that don’t change scene by scene? If so, then using a channel library would be the simplest way.
If you need to recall settings that change scene by scene, but based on which actor is performing in that role, using YammieQ would be the way to go. You would simply set it up as I’ve shown above, but you would select one of the possible cue groups before the start of the show.

If you would like to see how that is done, we could work through it together via team viewer on the CL editor or via FT with the console…