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Hi there,

I know that there probably isn’t current development on the dLIVE module for Companion.

I’m pretty proficient at coding but I haven’t developed for Companion before.

I was curious if I could get a couple pointers and see if I could pickup where 1.3.5 left off on the dLIVE module for Companion?

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Certainly. Ask away!
I assume you have a dLive for testing?

Yes, we have an S5000. I’m wanting to figure out how to control the dLive MIDI Over TCP/IP Protocol.

My main questions are:

  • Do you have a list of commands as a starting place that should work? (as of now, it looks like none of the commands work for the 1.3.5 or 1.3.8 of the companion module)
  • Where should I start to make sure I’m able to send commands and functions
  • How can I be sure that I’m authenticated to be able to talk to the board?
  • How can sniff packets so that I can send the right signals to the dLIVE console? (I have the Apple app: “Mixing Station”, and my assumption is that if none of the functions work in the current dLIVE companion module, that maybe I could use the Mixing Station app to send commands to my dLIVE board and then translate those packets into usable commands.)

Here’s the documentation for the protocol and commands:

Then you likely have something set incorrectly. It should work fine for the commands that are implemented.
Here’s some troubleshooting that might help:

As far as the rest of your questions go, see if the above links get you where you need to go. If not, please write back!


Have you had any progress with this? I had a thought of starting to upgrade dlive pacakge to Companion 3.0 and after that add new commands from version 1.9 TCP/Midi Protocol to the this.

I don’t have dLive MixRack or Surface for daily developing test target, but I can sometimes get my hands on with one to test with physical device. But I did notice with another project that dLive Director answers to TCP connection localhost, even without connection to the MixRack.

I’m asking this here so if there has been any kind of progress, it might be nice to contribute with that. Regardless of the answer I think I’ll be going to start implementing the 3.0 conversion myself anycase.

– snaguf

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