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Hi there,

I know that there probably isn’t current development on the dLIVE module for Companion.

I’m pretty proficient at coding but I haven’t developed for Companion before.

I was curious if I could get a couple pointers and see if I could pickup where 1.3.5 left off on the dLIVE module for Companion?

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Certainly. Ask away!
I assume you have a dLive for testing?

Yes, we have an S5000. I’m wanting to figure out how to control the dLive MIDI Over TCP/IP Protocol.

My main questions are:

  • Do you have a list of commands as a starting place that should work? (as of now, it looks like none of the commands work for the 1.3.5 or 1.3.8 of the companion module)
  • Where should I start to make sure I’m able to send commands and functions
  • How can I be sure that I’m authenticated to be able to talk to the board?
  • How can sniff packets so that I can send the right signals to the dLIVE console? (I have the Apple app: “Mixing Station”, and my assumption is that if none of the functions work in the current dLIVE companion module, that maybe I could use the Mixing Station app to send commands to my dLIVE board and then translate those packets into usable commands.)

Here’s the documentation for the protocol and commands:

Then you likely have something set incorrectly. It should work fine for the commands that are implemented.
Here’s some troubleshooting that might help:

As far as the rest of your questions go, see if the above links get you where you need to go. If not, please write back!