DTR Repair Notes

Hi, this is my first post, thanks to the people who participate in it.

The below link is an original Motorola’s document to repair the DTR:

DTR620_Repair_Notes.pdf (1022.1 KB)

That’s great stuff! Thank you for for sharing it. I have added the doc here for permanence so you don’t have to host it on dropbox.

DTR620_Repair_Notes.pdf (1022.1 KB)

The most interesting thing is the “Test Mode” it describes at the end. I’d never heard of that before. I wonder if there’s any other undocumented “modes” that the radio can be powered on with?

Thank you so much for this info, really helps!!

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for!

Thank you from me as well for that doc. Its great!

What’s also interesting is when in the test mode, it generates a tone through the speaker/mic, and shows AUD LV = xxx where xxx is a hex number. In my case it shows 00E, in the manual it shows 045.
However, the tone coming through the speaker/mic is hella loud, MUCH louder than I can ever get the radio to produce.
Looking at that screen, it seems like there might be a way to adjust that level. Mine is set to 00E, and the manual shows 045 which would be a much higher level.

I don’t suppose anyone has been able to figure out how to change that level? I went through as many key combinations as I could, but I can’t find anything that allows it to be changed.

Just found one.

Hi All
Does anyone have any service manuals for any DTR models?

hi, I try to open DTR. I use a very small flat screw driver trying to pry open the back panel that bears “Morotola” logo without success. I could not open this panel even damaging the panel. Any good advice? I would say this is a very bad design. thanks.

ok. after trying hard, I finally opened back panel. changed butt seal. one question, I damaged one screw and where to get replacement? does Home Depot have the screw? Thanks.

Hey Andy, in this thread on the old forum location you attached the PDF file with repair notes, since the dropbox link above no longer works, could you re-attach it into this sticky? I can no longer find my login details for the old forum. Your help would be appreciated!

I’ll have to do some searching to see if I can find that pdf (if I did even download it as I said I was going to in that thread…)

Hi Andy, Any luck finding that pdf?

Yup! Must have gotten distracted. Thank you for the reminder. I attached it in the 2nd post.