Fader Level adjustments on buttons.

So using buttons instead of a fader - isn’t ideal - however, they’ve given us this option to alter a fader level on a button, so it may be more useful if there were an option to increment or decrement a fader level by multiple pushes of said button.

Instead of having a fixed value in the …Fader/Level command, would it be possible to use something like ‘Current Value +1’ or "Current Value -1’. The +and- 1 could also be a variable so it could change more harshly for instance in steps of 5.

Then I guess you could always make this value db - instead of 0 to 1000? (or -32768 [inf] to 1000 [10db])
So increments of 1 or 2 db…?

Presumably you’d use the ‘Get input channel Fader Level’ SCP command or similar MIDI command to get a starting point?

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I’ll have a look at this when I get some time. I’m concentrating on the MIDI module atm. :slight_smile:

Wondering if there is any chance we could see a feature like this in a future build? We came up with a convoluted way to do this using multiple pages and redirects… basically when you select the increase or decrease button, it changes the level and switches to another page where the buttons have a new inc/dec value. It works, but uses up a ton of pages…

I assume you’re speaking of the RCP module?
Certainly it’s possible, just haven’t the time to dedicate to it ATM. Perhaps when there’s a Rivage update I’ll see if I can add it then.

I am using the RCP module on QL1. Thanks!

Please try today’s update.
I added a “Relative” checkbox to allow increasing/decreasing a value. Haven’t tested it a lot, so I’d really appreciate it if you could test it and try and break it so I know if I added any bugs! :slight_smile:

Curious if anyone’s tried it…

Testing it out now! So far so good using RCP with QL1 from Windows.

We are playing around with stacking commands with delays for “press & hold” functionality. Basically, if you hold the button, it keeps repeating the inc/dec every 500ms, then 300ms, then 100ms until it aborts on button up (canceling any additional actions).

Oooh! Interesting. If you get something workable, can you please attach a sample page? That sounds very useful.

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