Finding the correct Flashing cable

I recently picked up an older model DTR410 radio thinking I would program it and be good to go. Now, I find that the CPS software will not read the radio because the firmware is out of date. I did an internet search concerning flashing and found Andy’s post that is now closed at:

In searching for the cable I found the following at:

In searching ebay for the cable I found one that appears to be the very same cable as the one pictured above:

I am wondering is, if the ebay cable is the same cable as pictured and listed at amerizonwireless?

What is troubling to me is that neither of the cables I referenced above look like the cable Andy referenced in his posting. Andy specifically stated that the switch should be set to “flash”, whereas neither of the cables I find even have a switch on them.

What I thought would be an easy setup of the older DTR410 is turning out to be a pain. I am not afraid to try and flash the radio, just to see, if I can do it. It is such a shame that Motorola does not support these nice little radios. I love them, even though we use them more like a walkie talkie than to their full potential. I love the range on them.

Any help is much appreciated.

Hey Lonny;

The only cable that will work for flashing the DTR radios is the one from my initial thread, the NNTN6367A.

I too was looking for a cheaper solution at first, and purchased another USB to Moto cable (part # NNTN4049B) for about 10 bucks. Didn’t work. Ended up buying the correct cable and was able to flash all 30 radios with no problems at all. Well worth the money in my case.

Andy, Did you see the cable at this link?

It actually has the correct part number as the NNTN6367A that you show on your post, but does not look like the cable you posted a picture of. Thus, the source of my confusion.

The picture or model is wrong. I’ll send them and e-mail to ask.

They have a chat feature, so I asked them. Here’s the transcript:

[quote]Me: The NNTN6367A cable pictured on your web site is not the right picture. The NNTN6367A has a large blue plastic casing in the middle with a switch on it to switch between “Data” and “Flash” modes.
Is the cable you’re selling really the NNTN6367A and the picture is wrong, or is the picture right and the model is not the NNTN6367A?


Tim: I don’t know. Let me check.

Me: Ok

Tim: I am not able to pull up information to verify. What we are selling is the part number listed. Thanks for bring that to my attention I will make sure that my web team is aware of that.

Me: If it turns out to be the incorrect part, without the blue plastic casing in the middle, can it be returned for full refund including shipping?

Tim: Yes or we would provide you with the correct. It is the wrong image with the part number.

Me: Thank you, Tim.

I have gotten the cable and other parts here:

Not the lowest price but they have the right stuff, a larger selection for DTR stuff and good service.

Thanks Andy, Since they state that it is the right cable and part number, with the “wrong” picture, I am going to give them a shot at it. The DTR410 is an old one, looks new, but in no hurry to add to my network. Therefore, if I have to return it, it’s not a loss of valuable time. Most all my new radios have come from They have wonderful pricing on the 650. Once the cable comes, I will let everyone know the outcome for future use.


I received the flashing cable from a few days ago. The cable that arrived is exactly as the flashing cable you have a picture of on this site. The cost of the cable from Amerizone is 58.75 with free shipping. I have also found that Amerizone has a very competitive price on their DTR650’s if anyone is interested.

As of this writing, I now have the older model DTR410 flashed with both updates, and programmed for our network. Thanks to some very good advice I received on this forum.

Thanks for the update, Lonny! Very glad it all worked out.

Thanks for all of these links, finally going to get an older DTR410 updated.

Looks like I also made the mistake of buying the cheap ($20) cable on ebay. In all fairness, all I thought I needed to do at the time was reprogram some old hand-me-down radios but I just can’t stand that beep so I’m hoping to upgrade the firmware. I have 1 650 and 7 550’s. Wish me luck!

If you follow the instructions in the DTRFlash_UserGuide, you’ll be fine.

Nice package of flashing cable and programming cable (with USB adapter) from amerizon will get you set up for about $120

I am also looking for the Motorola DTR flash cable, unable to find one via searching, any other ideas?

Seems you only have a few choices now since these cables seem to not be made anymore.

[li]Find a used one on eBay if you can [/li]nr[li]Make your own [/li]nr[li]Get someone to flash them for you [/li][/ol]

I’d be happy to flash anyone’s DTRs, but you’d have to pay shipping to and from Calgary, and of course, no guarantees on success.

This site is where I got my cable from, and in checking tonight, it does say the cable is no longer available. It also says to contact them for alternatives. Hopefully in checking with these people you can achieve your goal.

This helps in my programming.

Sometimes the cable appears on eBay…

I don’t need to update the FW any of my DTR650s but I’m interested in getting a USB flash cable in case I need to update any older DTRs.

I’m having just as tough of a time finding an NNTN6367A USB flash cable like everybody else. In my searching, I found a Motorola USB flash cable for their TETRA terminals in Europe. Is this possibly the same cable?

It doesn’t look the same, but the only way to know for sure if it works would be to take a chance and buy it. Make sure there’s a return policy if it doesn’t.
Get the one off eBay if you want to be sure.