Help about rcp yamaha tf5 command

good morning everyone. I’m developing a management software for the TF5 in visual basic 6, I know it’s not the place and so if it’s off topic I apologize. I just want to know if anyone knows the rcp command to remotely save the scene current. I can modify it, recall it but unfortunately I don’t understand what the command to save is. Can anyone suggest me the syntax to save, for example, scene 01 of bank A on the TF5 console? thanks to everyone and good continuation

I don’t have it in front of me, but the easiest way to find out any RCP command is to look at the log when using companion. It will show all commands to/from the console from/to companion, even ones it doesn’t recognize.
If you’re using Companion v3 (recommended) then click on the >_ icon beside the module name in the list. (Each module has it’s own log in v3)

Thanks Andy for the quick response.
Unfortunately I don’t know Companion, I don’t even know how to use it. I searched the web for documentation about Yamaha systems and I came across your blog. Furthermore, I cannot access the TF5 because it is currently at the house of a friend of mine and he will not be at home for about a month. Could you possibly give me some instructions on how to install, what is needed, to use companion? thanks in advance. Mario

It’s super-easy and free. is your source for the program and instructions on basic usage.
You can look on my forum for instructions on using my module.


WOW! Thank’s Andy…Have a nice day!

I tried to register to download companion (I tried with two different emails) without activation. Unfortunately I can’t test with the mixer because it’s not mine. I tried other ways: using TF EDITOR you can save the name of the scene and analyzing the stream on the LAN by the TF5 I have, as a response, two identical NOTIFY messages.
From the documentation that I recovered in github, I did not find any command that allows me to write the LABEL of the scene (set scene label )
Since TF EDITOR allows you to save , and the mixer responds with NOTIFY , I assume that it is possible to write the scene name, but I can’t understand the syntax for doing so.
Can anyone who has a console of the TF series give me a hand to understand the syntax of the string?

You’ll need a TF console to use RCP. The Editor does not support the RCP commands.

Once you have a TF, using the RCP module will allow you to see the incoming/outgoing commands in the log and their format.

As I have wrote ( sorry for my poor English) I’not able to download the program . I have not a Tf console, i’ve made the test with a rental console. If some one in this community,has a Tf, can check the right syntax for the name scene save command?TNX in advance. Mario

I’ve no idea why you wouldn’t be able to download from - very strange!
Unfortunately I don’t have access to a TF.

I don’t know, i’ve spent 3 email…two my personal and one from gmail. I’ve not yet received the validation link.
I’ve search in spam, make rules for bitfopcus… but nothing.
I hope in the “good heart” of some one in the comunity!
Thank’s anyway!