How to use Companion with the Yamaha CL/QL

Would you please explain how to use it?
Thank you.

What do you need help with specifically?

I am totally unaware on this subject and I would like to know more. How would a json file be used to assign mute groups, or whatever, to QL/CL console?

Ok, I have no idea what level you’re at.
Do you know what a StreamDeck is? Do you have one?
Do you know what Companion is? Have you used it?
Here’s some info if this is all completely new:

Yes, I have, but just for a month. I bought the StreamDeck Mini, the one with 6 buttons. I have also Companion but I’m totally a newbie.
I made some attempts with TouchOSC (with which I had some problems at the beginning).
I would like to know more about how to integrate StreamDeck with a physical audio console like the QL/CL, so any advice or help to improve my knowledge would be tremendously great. :blush:

Copy that.
Run the CL or QL editor on your computer. Get it working and communicating with your mixer.
Shut down the Editor and fire up companion. Click on “Web GUI” and wait for your browser page to open.
Next steps are from memory so I might have some names wrong…
Go to the Instances Tab and on the right, type in Yamaha. Select Yamaha-MIDI and click Add.
In the edit window, set the IP to the “mixer control” IP from your console. This is the same IP you entered in the Editor when you got that connected.
Go to the Buttons Tab, and on the right select the Import/Export Tab.
Select Import Page and choose the json file that is the Mute or DCA page that you want to import.
Once you’ve chosen it, pick which page you want to import it to by changing the page on the left.
On the right, click “import to page xx”

If you get stuck, let me know exactly which step, what errors or info you see and I’ll try and help further.

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Thanks a lot for your help Andy :ok_hand:

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