New Subscriber Trust Level

Andy, would love to download companion build and get it set up before my show next week. Looks like you need a trust level 1 to download however. Not sure of the fastest way to do this? Is it possible to achieve before prep day on Monday? I’ll have some time in front of the desk programming at that time so would be able to shake it down in live environment. And come back and comment, suggest etc. after this run of shows.

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Andy, ok I fell really dumb. Looking through articles on simply getting CL editor to connect to companion. Seem to be having issues here getting the instance to connect. Keeps timing out. I guess reading posts bumps up your trust level! Who knew.
Still working on simply getting CL editor to connect to companion at the moment, so I can pre write some macros.

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Hello Andy,

I have just subscribed and would like to be able to download the companion module for Dlive. Not really sure how I can help to get the level 1 trust :slight_smile:

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The instructions regarding trust level are in the main thread.
But, the dLive module hasn’t changed in a long time, you can just use the regular companion builds at for that.