Rcp: InCh as variable

Hey Andy,
New update with support for 120 inputs on DM7 is great! Thank you!

It would be super cool if the “inCH” could be a variable.

I would build a page with multiple buttons that each Store an input channel number to a variable, and then other buttons that perform an action, that is sent to the “inCH” stored in that variable…

Sends on Fader controls (like the CL/QL Module does) would be amazing!!!


Great! TY for letting me know.

InCh can be a variable. Just paste the variable to the dropdown. You can type in the dropdown as well as choose from the list.

As far as additional functions go, I’m limited to whatever Yamaha decides to have supported in the RCP protocol. If you want an additional function, please make sure to let Yamaha know.

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I’ll definitely reach out to all my contacts at Yamaha !

so I learned something new from this…
Next to “To Mix” it has the $ and says that it means “this field accepts variables”…
Based on your direction I went ahead and used a variable for “InCH” and it worked. … so I guess it doesn’t matter if a companion field says it accepts variables or not ???

IN case anyone else uses this -after some trial an error- I learned that my variable needed to say “1”, “2”, not “CH1” or “CH2” per the dropdown option…

The missing “$” is a quirk in Companion. I’ll mention it to them.

Try the “cued channels” variable for InCh (if your console supports it). Doing that allows you to perform some action on any channel or channels that are cued. Very useful!

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