Send External Midi

I’m just starting to explore YammieQ, but one thing that immediately comes to mind is adding an External Midi Transmit cue type - the opposite of the external midi trigger source available when setting up your midi.

The use would be to send user defined midi (such as program changes) out to external effects devices or similar when console scenes are recalled. Older consoles like DM1000, 2000, 01v96 can not do this themselves - they only send a program change that matches their scene number. I normally run a separate piece of software (Show Cue System) to trigger off this program change from the consoles scene recall and send program changes out to external devices as required. If I were using YammieQ with the console in a show for Digico T-style EQ tracking or the many other tricks it appears to be capable of, it would be nice if YammieQ could also take offer the MIDI cue list function as well, rather than having SCS running as well.

The Midi Settings tab would have a new setting to enable you to choose the Midi hardware to send such messages out.


Hello and Welcome, Nick!

Thanks for your interest and suggestion.

You might not be aware, but all the Yamaha digital consoles (even the old ones) have a page labelled something like “Program Change Assign Tables”. Here you can assign a Program Change (PC) message to recall a specific scene, but it also works in the reverse, in that when you recall a scene on the console, the assigned PC message will be sent.

Give it a try and see if it does what you’re looking for.

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