Companion Generic MIDI module

Doing a little work on a generic MIDI module for Companion, “just because”…
I know there’s already MIDI-Relay, but that requires another program and not sure if it works with RPI, so we’ll see if this is useful. Still lots to do, but the basics are there.

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Start here to get info on how to try this out yourself.

Here’s a test page that you can import with the MTC display and a few buttons that you can use to get started.

Another video with a little more detail…

Great, I wish I could try it

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Awesome, I’d like to download it and test it out.

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Exciting! Thanks so much for working on this!

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So my initial testing hasn’t revealed any bugs. I’ve only used MIDI notes as that is all I need.

I’ve built triggers based on receiving notes and traffic and they work as expected.

So far so good. Thank you!!!

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REALLY appreciate the feedback, thank you!

Thanks to @millse testing, we found a small issue with running the module on companion-pi. The companion devs have fixed this, so all you should have to do is run
sudo companion-update if you haven’t downloaded the latest version of companion-pi.
If you download the latest beta version, you shouldn’t have to do anything.

I’m keen to try this with ProPresenter.

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If anyone on MacOS sees an error like this:

It’s only an issue with the downloaded build from here, if you add it as a dev module but have never installed the generic-midi module that’s now included in the beta builds.
Just go to your privacy and security settings on your Mac and “Allow Anyway” or “Unblock” it to get past it. It shouldn’t ask again after the 1st time.

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It seems that Virtual Ports are not working in Windows. I’m investigating that, so for now just use loopMIDI until I have a definitive answer on this.

I did find that you could go into system settings/privacy and security and if you scroll to the bottom there will be a alert window that this is blocked and you can unblock it.

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This is how I am using it. I’ve got it all set and gets the midi note from ProPresenter with no issues. My big issue now is figuring out how to receive it in Companion and getting that to trigger a button.

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This looks awesome! I’m going to test this out tomorrow!

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