Any plans to implement MIDI Module on Companion 3.0?

Are there any plans to add the Midi Module? I have a convenient Talkback board set up where I can toggle off and on the various mixes. I could definitely make it work with a standard microphone and mute/unmute that mic in people’s mixes but its nice having the TB feature.

I definitely do want to update it, but it will be considerably harder to do than the RCP module, so that’s why I did that one first. Not sure when I’ll have time though as I’m right in the middle of the busy season for shows.
But yes, I would like to do it eventually.

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What function specifically are you unable to do with the RCP module?
I did a couple of videos on setting up a talkback system using the SD and SD+, have you watched them?

I have watched it but it has been a while. I will check it out again tomorrow. Thank you

Another one that I had setup with the Midi module that I was unable to find in the RCP module (potentially due to overlooking) is the ability to turn off and on channels to Mono. We run Waves pitch correction onto channels 65-72 and we also run the unprocessed audio form the microphones onto channels 1-8 and deselect Mono on the raw mic audio but I had a button on the streamdeck that could select Mono in the event of our processing rig crashing. I have not had much time to explore this possibility on RCP but the Talkback and Mono Select were the only two uses I had for the Midi Module.

Id be curious to see how you figure this out, if at all with the RCP module. I had a macro on the midi module that changed any of the inserts that were using Waves patch’s from the Slot Out/In back to something on the board in case Waves took a nose dive. For some reason I can get the RCP record to only see the Slot Out patch changes, not the Slot in.

Yeah this has been a frustration of mine. I have never needed to use it (thankfully), but it’s nice having a single button to flip over the Raw Mic Channels to Mono and turn off the Waves Mic Channels in the event of a crash as well as being able to set each Microphone individual. I have a User Defined Key set to “Select Mono” but it would not be as quick of a swap over in the event we lost our Waves machine

yeah this is exactly what I’m using the midi module for too

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So, I had some time the past couple of weeks and have been able to get the lion’s share of the MIDI module converted.
However… I won’t be able to test it on my console to see what I screwed up. I did test it a bit with the Editor, but since Feedback only works with the console, I’m a bit stuck until I get a chance to test it there.

In the first version for v3, Macros probably won’t work, and I won’t have added variables.
For sure, before I include it into any real builds, I have to have both those things implemented.

Anyway, just wanted to update y’all and hopefully sometime soon we’ll have a v3 MIDI module that you can test out.

Thanks again for everyone’s support!

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That’s fantastic to hear! Thanks for all that you do! Let me know if I can help test anything out in any way!

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